What Is The Best Way To Whiten Your Teeth?

What Is The Best Way To Whiten Your Teeth?

There are various options when it comes to teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi. You can go for in-office whitening procedures or opt for bleaching your teeth at home with a light device. You can also make use of fruit-based whitening products. Fruits like strawberries and pineapple are rich in malic acid, which can remove stains and make your teeth look whiter.

In-office whitening:

In-office teeth whitening is a highly effective and safe way to whiten teeth. A dental professional performs the whitening procedure, which lasts from one to 1:30 hours. The results are immediate, and in-office whitening is especially convenient for busy people who don’t have time to go through the home whitening process.

Compared to home whiteners, in-office whitening uses more powerful whitening solutions. A dental professional will use a special gel to whiten your teeth, which has a higher concentration of peroxide. This gel is applied to the teeth and exposed to a special laser or heat source. The whitening solution can make teeth three to eight shades lighter. The process can take an hour, and the results are visible immediately.

Bleaching with light devices:

Using light devices for teeth whitening should be done only with caution. The light used in teeth whitening devices can cause the teeth to dehydrate, which causes the initial shade change to reverse. This can cause tooth sensitivity and pulpal irritation. It’s best to consult with a dentist before using any light device to whiten your teeth.

Fruits that whiten teeth:

If you are looking for a natural way to whiten your teeth, many different fruits will help you accomplish this goal. While some of these fruits may have a strong smell or taste, they are excellent for your teeth. This is because the pulp in these fruits can help whiten your teeth. Just brush your teeth with the pulp for about three minutes and then rinse your mouth with cold water.

The outer layer of your teeth becomes discolored due to many different factors. For instance, if you consume certain foods frequently, your teeth may become more discolored. However, if you avoid eating these foods, you can prevent your teeth from acquiring a yellowish tint. Some foods contain enzymes and proteins that can scrub away plaque and help your teeth become white.